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Any business needs to plan for the future, but in todays uncertain and turbulent world it is increasingly difficult to know what that future will hold. Our unique system helps you to focus on and understand the trends and events that will make a difference to your organisation.

  • Improve your focus on the future
  • Identify the important issues
  • Spot and understand opportunities and threats ahead of time
  • Prepare effective organisational responses
  • Improve teamwork and communication

The process is designed to assist groups of managers in thinking outside the usual boundaries of their organisation and into the future. It can assist with strategic planning, new business development, corporate venturing and risk assessment. It can also act as a medium for management team-building, harnessing the different perspectives and experiences of members of the team.

Working with a small team of people from inside and outside your organisation, we start by identifying and agreeing on a range of issues and factors that may affect the future performance of your business.

We then turn our attention to the external trends that are relevant to those factors - the economy, the natural environment, social, political and legislative changes and so on. To help with this, we have developed a unique database of trends, which provides summaries of the key factors driving each trend. Having selected the most important trends for your business, we then compile a pen picture of the future as it affects you.

Finally, we propose suitable actions for you to take to exploit the opportunities and counteract the threats.